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The Medication and Cognition Questionnaire, can you help?

REC Study Number: 11/SC/0541ERGO
Study ID number: 681RGO
reference number: 8377

Dear Southampton ADHD,

We are writing to ask for your participation in a research project at the University of Southampton.
This project will investigate the presence or absence of cognitive and motivational adverse events following treatment with methylphenidate (MPH; e.g., Ritalin, Concerta).We are particularly interested in your experiences and impressions of how MPH may affect children’s thinking and motivation in the long term. To explore this topic, we are interviewing clinicians, teachers, parents and adolescents and adults with ADHD.  
We would like to interview you to find out what your individual experiences are.

 What would be involved? 
We would like to conduct a brief interview with you.  This interview would take approximately 30 minutes, and the interviewer could conduct the interview over the phone, or will travel to your office or other agreed location at a mutually agreed time and date.

What are the benefits of participation?
We expect that the information generated from these interviews will help clarify whether MPH leads to cognitive or motivational adverse effects, and what these effects may look like practically and clinically. We intend to use the information generated by you to develop a questionnaire which will allow us to survey a wider sample. Taking a wider perspective, we believe that what we will learn from this study will greatly improve our understanding of the side effect profile of MPH. This will allow us to identify any areas that may currently be missing from routine follow up treatment, and eventually lead to the improvement of services which would enhance many different aspects of functioning for children with ADHD.

 The data that you will provide can help us with this longer-term process.What should I do next?We very much hope that you are interested in participating in our interview study. If you are and would like to find out more about the study,
please email Dr. Hanna Kovshoff, with your contact detailsIf you would like to talk to us about the interview before deciding, please feel free to call  (023 8059 8719)or email Dr. Hanna Kovshoff,  the person who will be performing the interviews with you:

With many thanks for your support. I hope to meet you soon!Yours sincerely,

Dr Hanna Kovshoff, School of Psychology,
 University of Southampton
SouthamptonSO17 1BJ


We are looking forward to meeting Dr. Hanna Kovshoff at the group this month (Thursday,1st march 2012).

Dr Kovshoff is from the school of psycology at the university of Southampton and is conducting an interview study looking into the affects that methylphenidate (ritalin, concerta etc) has on young people and adults with ADHD's thinking and motivation. They are looking to recruit parents of children with ADHD. Specifically looking  for people who have more than a year's experience parenting a child on the medication.
Dr Kovshoff  said in her email - "We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to speak to you about the project and to enquire as to whether we may be able to advertise our study to the members of your support group.

for more information about joining the study, please come to the group on march 1st 2012 at oasis academy
or for more details click here


This will be held at 10a.m on the 7th of march 2012.
If you feel you have a few hours spare 4 times a year to meet with the committee and wish to become a comittee member, please email

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