Southampton A.D.H.D Awareness/Support Group - Working as one to bring our community together

We need your help!

People living with ADHD in Southampton, diagnosed or not! we need your stories/experiences about your dealings good or bad with trying to access diagnoses/support with ADHD, for adults and children. This could be via saucepans, social services, sure start, schools,collages, The Orchard centre, Brookvale, your GP or Cannon house or even private services. we would also like to hear from people in other areas, how have things worked (or not)  for you?.

What happened when you went to see about being diagnosed? If you got that far!

what was it like for you?.

What support did you get, if any?

We need as much proof as possible that the Service we want to offer is not available, as well as ways that have worked for you,for us to build on.
You can use your name or remain anonymous, but please share your journeys with us.

email us Here

Thank you all for your continued support

Hello All, We are coming BACK!

As most of you have probably realised, we were forced to wind the group down last year. 
After funding ran out and the support that Lisa, the driving force behind Southampton ADHD was getting dried up, she was forced to take a step back to concentrate on managing her own families struggles with ADHD in order to be in a position to help and advise others.
However, behind the scenes she had still been liaising with local authorities to ensure that the  ADHD community can receive the support that they need.
We can now reveal that we are in talks with the local authority to secure a new ADHD centre in Southampton which will offer help and support to the public throughout the week with regular meetings for both adults and parents/carers, on site life coaching,  therapy and easy access to information for all. There will be someone on site to offer advice 4/5 days a week. 

We can also reveal that we are looking to hold our Annual General Meeting next month (July).

We Would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support.


We now have our new facebook page up and running and hope to have our twitter account set up soon so we can keep you all updated on a more regular basis so don't forget to like and follow us :)

Thank you all for your continued support - The committee


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